Xman- The Disappearing Male

One can trace the decline of manly men, androgen producing hard body males to the rise of the industrial revolution. As western man became convinced that machines and technologies were the path to a more leisurely life, he began to out smart himself.

The thought that if we can condense our work week to 40 hours by creating labor saving machines and production lines we would have more time to pursue manly activities like hunting and fishing, hiking and camping and the common man could engage in recreational activities the same as the rich and privileged few. 

Now if you think that this is a sociology discussion or a physiological profile you are wrong . This is a look at ironically, what man has done to himself on a quantum biological level.Let me introduce you to Phthalates. A word that is not the most convenient word to work with ? weird to spell and hard to figure out how to pronounce (THA-lates)   The disappearing male Video

You may be surprised to learn you are already intimately familiar with phthalates: think of the potent aroma of a vinyl shower curtain, or new car smell. Produced in the amount of one billion tons per year worldwide, phthalates are used to soften vinyl plastic and hold scent and color in a variety of consumer products. More than two decades ago scientists began building a body of evidence that phthalates can be powerful reproductive and developmental toxicants in laboratory animals, particularly for males exposed in the womb. For more on phtthalates read Body Burden: Phthalates

For 25 years we've known that phthalates disrupt the production of testosterone critical for the masculinization of the male species," said Earl Gray, a top phthalate researcher at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Hundreds of animal studies show that phthalates like dibutyl phthalate (DBP) can block male hormones called androgens, which are responsible for making a male into a male. The result of this anti-androgen effect is what scientists call the de-masculinization of male offspring: low sperm counts, testicular atrophy, undescended testicles and birth defects on the underside of the penis such as hypospadias, where the opening of the urethra occurs on the underside of the penis instead of the tip. The spectrum of health effects is so common in lab animals exposed to phthalates that scientists have come to call it phthalate syndrome!

In 2005, Shanna Swan, PhD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, at the University of Rochester, measured the levels of phthalates in the bodies of pregnant women, then studied their male infants after birth. The study found a significant relationship? between the level of phthalates and changes in genitals of their baby boys. The pregnant women with the highest phthalate levels- equivalent to the levels currently found in a quarter of US women  were more likely to have baby sons with smaller penises and incompletely descended testicles. The boys were also most likely to have a shorter distance from their anus to their penis (called anogenital distance, or AGD), which is an indicator of masculinity.
In addition to Swan's study, other human studies on phthalates had started to emerge. Harvard School of Public Health researchers, Dr. Russ Hauser and Susan Duty studied men in an infertility clinic and found that men who had higher levels of DBP in their bodies had lower sperm quality and lower sperm mobility. In a separate study, of 379 men from an infertility clinic, the Harvard researchers correlate diethyl phthalate (DEP) with DNA damage in men's sperm, a condition that can lead to infertility or miscarriage. DEP is the phthalate used most widely in cosmetics. The chemical appears to be getting into people?s bodies from the products, according to another study conducted by Dr. Hauser's team. Men who used cologne or aftershave within 48 hours before urine collection had more than twice the levels of DEP in their bodies as men who did not use cologne or aftershave, the study found. For each additional personal care product used, the DEP metabolite in their bodies increased by 38%.
This is an observational correlation and not a scientific study but their is a parallel in the rise homo-sexually oriented males and the rise of phthalates in pregnant women.It also adds some credence to the findings in lab animals who are born with homosexual tendencies.
Women's Environmental Network in the UK and Health Care Without Harm Europe bought beauty products from stores in Britain and Sweden and sent them to a lab to test for phthalates. The European results were similar to the American: 79% of products contained phthalates, and more than half contained multiple phthalates. The story got more attention than anyone could remember.
As in the US, the European environmental groups could test only a small number of products (at $175 per product), leaving an open question as to which of the thousands of other products on store shelves contained phthalates. As in the US, it was legal for companies to put unlimited amounts of phthalates and other toxic chemicals into cosmetic products.
Our society has compounded these mistakes by introducing nano-sized metals into personal care products without studies as to there safety before the products went to market.One very harmful compound , titanium dioxide has been used for years as an ingredient PC products, but since the ability to nano size the compound the human body assimilates this metal as it does the mineral calcium because of it's size and molecular weight have become so similar.In laboratory mice it has  an increase in leukemia and other blood disorder as well as bone related cancers.
What can we do? I have a three pronged plan.
1.Boost your bodies natural detoxification by eating organic foods that will support the production of glutathione, the master molecule for carrying toxins and other invaders to the liver to be expelled.Supply the proper nutrients for the liver and spleen with organic beet root powder and increase your consumption of nuts and seeds as the MCF (medium chain fatty acids are not stored as fat but is burned as fuel for the organs)
2.Start to find natural clean personal care products that use ingredients such as lavender and coconut oils or other essential oils.Stay away from aluminum or titanium dioxide products found in deodorants, antiperspirants and sunscreens.
3.Begin your journey towards Optimal Health by eating clean exercising more and always have some fun in what you do for positive Brain Power
Now you metro sexual males I am going to get a pedicure because my tennis toes are tearing up my all natural cotton socks!