Why am I gaining weight and getting sick from it?


Thomas Hiatt •       Who is the Darth Vader of the the nutrient world? 


All food is for fuel and nutrient delivery, plus it can taste good.Food is converted to Glucose -G-. Glucose is a form of sugar that is burned by the mitochondria in every cell to be converted to energy-ATP- In order to convert food to glucose a hormone is released called Insulin.Insulin generally rises in the blood after eating, The pancreas releases insulin to feed our cells, the gate keeper to feeding us on a cellular level .Insulin opens the door to the cell to feed it The cells do not eat more than it needs. When there is more glucose in our blood than we need to feed our cells it is converted to other cells called fat cells to store for further energy use.It is stored as Free Fatty Acids- FFA. 

When we need energy and there is no glucose in our blood stream the the fat cells release FFA for use as conversion to ATP,energy. The FFA do not need insulin to open the door to the cell.That is why they are called free fatty acids.This is the natural, normal way our body is designed.As we move away from meal time our energy needs should be met by the release FFAs.If insulin is detected in the bloodstream FFAs are not released. So if there is glucose,sugar detected in our blood stream the insulin is released, this happens quickly. If you start your day eating sugary cereals, processed and fatty foods that convert quickly to glucose,resulting in an insulin spike,opening the door to feed the cells.The cells are fed and the cell doors close and glucose levels start to drop, but the insulin does not leave the bloodstream so fast.The excess glucose is stored as fat.The adipose tissue grows. 
High insulin levels in the blood effectively shut the door on releasing FFAs for energy.The leptin levels remain low , signaling the cravings and desire to eat, and lower the metabolic rate and the cycle begins over again.When insulin is a constant in your blood stream no fatty acids are released and more glucose is stored as fat.Also this insulin bath fatigues the pancreas, causes premature aging and can lead to Diabetes II. 

In the book THE MYTH ABOUT CHOLESTEROL also discusses that high cholesterol is not responsible for Heart Disease , the inflammation due to oxidative stress.( sugar related)
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