Real Time Pain Relief - Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone!Real Time Pain Relief


Aloe Vera

Capsicum (from Cayenne Blocks Pain receptor P)



Emu oil


Menthol <1%


Willow Bark

Witch Hazel

Anthemis Nobilis

Calendula Officinalis

Centuarea Cyanus


Hypericum Perforatum

Matricaria Chamilla

Pimpinella Anisum

Rue Leaf/stem/root extract

Tilia Sylvestis

Discover the role Substance P has in pain management and relief. often referred to as SP, is a neurotransmitter, and is the substance in your body that sends a signal from the site of pain to your brain, so you know that you’re in pain. The size of the injury determines the amount of Substance P that is released into your system. If you stub your toe, you’ll feel less pain and you have less Substance P released into your system than if you break your arm. To better understand how Substance P works, let’s say you stub your toe; that releases the Substance P like a fleet of cars that rush from the site of your pain to deliver a message to your central nervous system to feel pain. The cars rush to park in a space called an “NK1 Receptor” that says, “Ouch! My toe hurts.” The NK1 Receptor is a major part of helping your body to feel pain and that is what scientists have worked so hard to block off over the years. Pain maskers are used to shut down your neuro-pathways and the NK1 Receptor so that you don’t feel the pain. But the fact is body knows there is a problem and assumes that your brain is not getting the pain message because there isn’t enough Substance P, and it responds by making more Substance P. With increased Substance P in your body your brain finally gets the pain message. You respond by taking 2 pain pills in instead of one or four instead of three or you move to a stronger pain masker. This cycle continues until you become one of those 100 million plus Americans in Chronic Pain. Your body is so full of Substance P that you are not able to do the things you enjoy doing, your quality of life declines and get into the danger zone where the pain masking agents start to affect your heart, live, kidneys and intestinal lining. At this point, something else terrible occurs: your body has spent so much time trying to build up enough Substance P to override your pain masking pills so you will know that your body is in pain that you end up with too much Substance P and a stubbed toe feels like a broken arm. This is how Chronic and Acute Pain are developed and why they are both so serious.

Billions have been spent to keep this pain secrete from the public-click here for details