Integrative Nutrition = Superior Wellness

Nutrient Dense Foods

Integrative Nutrition takes advantage of organic foods and supplements to help you develop superior Wellness! Health Flex A Wellness Company formulates nutrient dense organic smoothies and other foods!

The following list illustrates  nutrient dense foods with a ranking from 0-100 , these foods are full of micro nutrients and polyphenols- the list has become known as the Nutrient Density Line, ranking foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories.(H=N/C); Health = Nutrient density / Calories

An example is Spinach ND=100 divided by 34 = 2.94

where as pasta has ND of 1 divided by 75 = .013 . The higher the H is the Healthier your meal.  

Example :Kale has a density value of 100 and one cup serving is 34 calories, if you eat 500 calories of kale you will be full and not want unhealthy snacks and you will feel full.  

 Raw leafy vegetable = 100 *                                                                               

Solid green ad yellow vegetables = 97*                                         

Beans & Legumes =48 *

Fresh fruit = 45*

Starchy vegetables = 35* Limas, sweet potato 

Whole grains = 22*

Raw nuts and seeds = 20*

Fish, poultry=15

Fat free dairy= 13 

Grass fed lamb,beef, turkey = 11 

Eggs = 11 

Red Meat= 8  

Refined wheat,corn, bleached flour = 1

Refined sugar=0

When eating meat, fish and fowl for protein it is important to balance the fatty acids.

Red meats have essential  fatty acids but the balance between Omega 6(red meat) and omega 3 is vital to cardio health and autoimmune disorders.

Since eggs are high in omega 6 fatty acids and the Western diet depends so much on processed foods, most Americans who eat red meat have dangerous levels of these lipids. I f you eat out, eat anything from a box,consider cutting your red meats especially beef to once or twice a month. Eat grass fed range animals(not feed lot) and fish 3-4 times a week. 

Lamb is a great source of vitamin b-12 and essential omega 6 acids and it is grass fed.Nuts, Borage oil and Chia seeds are alternate sources of omega 3 and 6 lipids.Many people do not get enough Omega-3 FAs in their diet and should investigate the superior form of supplementation found In Health Flex's

Omega-3/COQ10 Transdermal patches are vital part of Integrative Nutrition! The Health Flex Wellness model uses organic food smoothies, bioavailable organic transdermal patches,organic turmeric, raw organic food energy treats,organic glutathione and more!


** Most nuts are filled with MCAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) and over 50 trials have shown that the calories are not stored as adipose tissue (FAT) but burned as fuel for the organs.