Vitamin B-12 deficiency Transdermal patches


Action item: If you have any vitamin B-12 supplements, check the ingredients label right now to see what form of vitamin B-12 they contain. If they contain cyanocobalamin, throw them out!
Cyanocobalamin is a cheap, synthetic chemical made in a laboratory. It's virtually impossible for you to find this form in nature. Low-end vitamin manufacturers use it because it can be bought in bulk and added to products with claims that they "contain vitamin B-12!" What they don't tell you is that the vitamin is bound to a toxic, poisonous cyanide molecule that must then be removed from your body by your liver. Cyanocobalamin is also up to 100 times cheaper than the higher quality methylcobalamin which we'll talk about below.

As Wikipedia explains: "A common synthetic form of the vitamin, cyanocobalamin, does not occur in nature, but is used in many pharmaceuticals and supplements, and as a food additive, because of its lower cost. In the body it is converted to the physiological forms, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, leaving behind the cyanide..."(

**Removing the cyanide molecule from the vitamin and then flushing it out of your body requires using up so-called "methyl groups" of molecules in your body that are needed to fight things like homocysteine (high levels cause heart disease)By taking low-quality cyanocobalamin, you're actually stealing methyl groups from your body and making it do more work at the biochemical level. This uses up substances such as glutathione that are often in short supply anyway, potentially worsening your overall health situation rather than helping it. This is one of the reasons why low-grade vitamins may actually be worse for your body than taking nothing at all!In addition recent studies have shown that synthetic versions of vitamins do not fit the receptors on your cells as they should.Imagine a lock and key where the lock is the receptor on the surface of the cell and the vitamin is the key, the synthetic key fits partially in the lock but leaves gaps and is known over time to have a carcinogenic effect at a cellular level. 
In summary the slightly toxic form of b-12 known as cyanocobalamin  uses cyanide and depletes the vital methhl groups forcing a heavy load on the master molecule glutathione.  Glutathione is critical for fighting free radicals and anti-oxidation. 

How Our B-12 MEGA +10 Patches Are Better Than Pills Most multi-vitamin pills contain the synthetically manufactured and cheap "cyanocobalamin" form of B-12. This form of B-12 must first be converted to methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin after consumption before it can be used by the body.  And the actual absorption of B-12 into the body is a real problem with pill-based supplements. A study carried out at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin found that delivering a dose of nutrients/medication using transdermal patches rather than with pills that are swallowed resulted in a greater than 95% absorption rate of the patches' nutrient formula directly into the bloodstream. The study also found that with pills, patients absorbed as little as 5% of the pills' stated nutrient dose.  So the choice is clear: patches are far superior than pills for dietary supplementation.HealthFlex's MEGA +10 Patches use Methylcobalamin form B-12 which is BIO-ACTIVE B-12.  Studies have proven that Methylcobalamin Active Form B-12 raises B-12 levels higher and lasts longer in the body than with inferior quality cyanocobalamin form B-12. And with our time-release transdermal patch, vitmain B-12 nutrients gets into your system through the skin for immediate use and maximum absorbtion by the bloodstream, by-passing the acidic digestive system that can prohibit absorption. Its the best way to get your B-12 vitamins if you have deficiency issues and need to supplement your diet!  Doctors know the health benefits of vitamin B-12 and have administered vitamin B-12 shots to patients for years to achieve remarkable results. However, B-12 shots require a prescription, can be painful, inconvenient and be much more expensive than patch therapy. With the HealthFlexs B-12 MEGA +10 Patch, you simply wear a small patch 24 hours once every 5 days and you're done.