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Quercetin Phytosome

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Querctin is a zinc ionophore and our organic sunflower liposome enhance zinc's bioavailability

60 ct 250 mg

Zinc, a trace mineral essential to cellular life. A virus can not replicate in the presence of zinc. An ionophore (from Greek ion and -phore, "ion carrier") is a chemical species that reversibly binds ions. Many ionophores are lipid-soluble entities that transport ions across the cell membrane. Ionophores catalyze ion transport across hydrophobic membranes, such as liquid polymeric membranes (carrier-based ion selective electrodes) or lipid bilayers found in the living cells or synthetic vesicles (liposomes). Structurally, an ionophore contains a hydrophilic center and a hydrophobic portion that interacts with the membrane. Essentially Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are ionophores. Nearly all pharmaceuticals are synthetic versions of a naturally occurring molecule or compound'

The challenge has been how to develop zinc ionophores derived from naturally found compounds. One such is Quercetin , it has the same chemical structure as the two afore mentioned pharmaceuticals, IM me if you want the Covid shield protocol.

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