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Raw Organic Beet Root Powder-8-0z


‘Super Beet Drink’ Boosts Circulation  increases Nitric Oxide-Lowers Blood Pressure


Promising Healthy Blood Pressure and Increased Energy and Stamina! If you’re concerned about circulation, blood pressure, digestion, mental fatigue, a lack of stamina–or any of the many signs of aging… it’s possible adding beet juice to your healthy diet can make a real, meaningful difference in your health.And it might just surprise you to hear that beets are packed with more performance enhancing nutrients than any other vegetable at the dinner table–making beets perhaps the most effective super-food of the 21st century…And the hottest topic in health journalism…Blood Pressure: According to a recent study published by Nutrition Journal drinking an 8 oz glass of beet juice helped lower blood pressure over 24 hours of drinking it. Beet juice lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of 15-20 points. Researchers noted that further research is indicated to determine whether it would have a same effect over time if taken on a daily basis.

Blood Pressure: A 2010 study by Queen Mary’s University in London showed drinking just 250ml (or 8.5oz) of beet juice a day dramatically lowered blood pressure for several hoursAnother study by Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia found that a 500ml (or 17oz) glass of beet juice led to an even bigger drop in blood pressure after six hours.…that’s because beet juice is a rich, natural source of dietary nitrate.

In fact, researchers have discovered that beets contain one of the richest food sources of nitrate.And this is NOT the food additive known as “sodium nitrate”–you’ve been told is bad-for-you–used to preserve deli meat, hot dogs and bacon.This nitrate is naturally found in beets and other plant sources. It converts in your body to nitrite – and some of that nitrite is then converted to nitric oxide. 

Ingredients:Organic freeze dried Beet root powder,Organic pomegranate powder, Organic Hawthorne Berry powder, organic Ginger, Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Strawberry.

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