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Organic foods, transdermal vitamin patches, intergrative nutrition consults, Physical Therapy,Ultrasound treatment and holistic healing.



All Undenatured Whey Protein Omega 3 /COQ10 Transdermal patch Organic Multi-vitamin-Immune Booster Heavenly Sleep Melatonin/GABA Patch Healing DGL -Heals stomach lining Super Green Smoothie Mix-Raw Organic Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 for strong bones Raw Organic Super Foods Smoothie Organic Turmeric 4 oz Liver Protection patch 7 day organic detox plan Liposmal Turmeric Capsules with enhanced absorption Organic Hemp Protein KIDS FIZZY PROBIOTIC MIX Liposomal vitamin C Organic pomegranate Smoothie Mix 30 day Supply Omega 3 Liposomal Krill capsule B-Complex with methyl B-12 one save $111.00 Super foods in capsule form mega dose Vitamin C 90 ct 5oz liquid liposomal glutathione Mega dose Liposomal Glutathione 16 oz CBD oil CBD OIL 500 mg Organic Raw Hemo Protein Organic Berry Fusion Bites Organic banana fusion bites Organic Spirulina tablets 250 ct 1500 mg organic hemp derived CBD oil Hemp Derived CBD Transdermal Patch cbd oil for pets 500 mg 10x pure CBD oil 10xpure 1500 mg Organic Quercetin phytosome