Quotes "Tom I am feeling much better than last week, I really feel that the ultrasound is really helping! I am feeling less and less pain and uncomfortableness." my scar tissue is breaking up, Thanks mate! Quotes
Tennis Pro

Quotes I was overweight and prone to injury, elbow and shoulder. I enrolled on TENNIS HEALTH'S TENNIS routine and became much stronger in my legs and the stretch portion helped me, mostly I am pleased with the 25lbs I lost this summer! Quotes

Quotes As a physician I am under a lot of stress and the Benicar I took was causing side effects. I have been drinking your Divine Health smoothies for four months and my blood work is the best it has been since undergraduate days. They taste good and by drinking them in the morning I have lowered blood sugar as well. The greens mix with beet root us great. Love you here in Charleston! Quotes
Dr. Hunter
Great product

Quotes I was diagnosed with a vitamin B-12 deficiency , and really did not enjoy the injections. I read your blog about Statin Drugs blocking the Methylation B-12 absorption and it became clear. My Dr. never mentioned this , not sure if he even knows. I am on the Health Flex B-12 transdermal patch and the beetroot smoothies and after 6 months my UMMA ( B-12 urine test) came back in the perfect range. I am so happy you took the time to explain Optimal Health to me! Quotes
Rick W.
Nail meet hammer!

Quotes I have been taking lessons for years and after a few clinics with you I am able to take what you teach from practice to the courts.You teach great technique , but your ability to communicate why we do while we do and when just makes it click. Thanks Tom btw you do not charge enough! Quotes

Quotes good material thanks our school may use such experiences to complement the introductory pharmacy practice Quotes
It works

Quotes I was born in Australia but grew up in England and your program helped with celebrex withdrawal Quotes
Optimal Health

Quotes My son is a highly ranked Junior player and he was complaining of back pain after every match, Tom performed a strength assessment and pinpointed the problem and designed an exercise program to rehab his weakness.We hired Tom to as a sports trainer and now my son is playing the best he ever has and is one of the strongest in his age group!Thank you so much Tom. Quotes
You helped cure my son

Quotes As a physician my time is really tight and the fact that you came to my home to treat my grade 2 hamstring tear with ultrasound is unparalleled service ,I was skeptical as most docs are until after the treatment and the way you taped my bicep femoris worked. I'm amazed at the relief.I could work all day the next, Thanks Tennisdoc Quotes
Dr P.
Great service

Quotes We have teenagers who play in lots of tournaments, They have really good Tennis coaches but ,we felt Tom's approach to avoiding injury through his workout routine was the missing ingredient ,well that and his thoughtful way of explaining how good nutrition can keep you healthy. Color us impressed! Quotes
Glen and Kathy