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Subject: Do not stop taking your Omega 3 fatty acids


You may have recently heard about the new study linking omega-3 fatty acid levels to prostate cancer. First, let me say as a scientist, I believe that all studies which are carried out in a careful manner should be published. Consequently, I have no issue with the recent study being published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. However, it is just as important to interpret the data from such a study in a careful and responsible manner. Here, I believe the study investigators and the media reporters that have covered this story have failed, and this failure has the potential to hurt a lot of people.

First here are a few facts about the study. The study was not designed to determine the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on prostate cancer. In fact, the study was a clinical trial design to determine the impact of selenium and vitamin E on prostate cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids as supplements or fish were not given in this study, and circulating fatty acids in plasma had only been measured once in the 7-12 years of the study. SO, the study was not a clinical trial design to determine the impact of omega-3s on prostate cancer.

It was a population-based study that examined whether there was an association between circulating omega-3 levels and the incidence of prostate cancer. The results from the study showed that all groups had low circulating levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and there were very small and likely biologically insignificant differences (~0.2%) between the prostate cancer group and the control group. If we are to learn from population-based studies, it would seem much more important to examine populations that consumed high amounts of omega-3s and compare them to those who ingest low concentrations of omega-3s. And in fact when we do that, populations that ingest traditional Japanese or Mediterranean diets which contain relatively high amounts of omega-3s have some of the lowest incidences and death rates from prostate cancer among all global populations.

Most Prostate Cancer Studies Suggest Omega-3 Are Beneficial

Much more meaningful than the population-based studies are the studies that are conducted to actually test the effect of fish or fish oil consumption on prostate cancer. In a detailed meta analysis (a study that combines results from several studies) study conducted in 2010, fish oil or fish consumption was associated with a 63% reduction in mortality due to prostate cancer. Among the 12 studies cited in the 2010 analysis was results from 6,272 Swedish men who were followed for over 30 years. This study showed that men who ate no fish had a 2 to 3 fold increase in the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those who consumed large amounts of fish. Results from the Physician Health Study found that consumption of fish (> 5 times a week) reduced a man's chance of dying from prostate cancer by 36%. In another study with 47,866 US men followed over 14 years, omega-3 intake was associated with a 26% reduction of developing prostate cancer.

Do take your Omega 3,s via transdermal patches as that delivery method eliminates the problem of the fatty acids floating atop other foods and liquids in the stomach.

My story of Prostate cancer

Seven year ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on my prostate and after a successful procedure to remove the tumor I have been compliant in taking my Omega 3s.I began having reflux and an after-taste several years ago and switched to a transdermal patch for Omega3/COQ10 . I have my fatty acid ratio tested via a Home kit blood test once a year.My omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is 2 to 1 and I have been cancer free for 7 years.I also use a vitamin B-12 methylcobalamin patch.

For more information about Omega3s go to Omega 3 Risk factors under Ageless Health

Other benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids are reduced inflammation, enhanced cognitive function, and reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer's as well as improved cardiovascular function.

Why Patches?


How patches are better than pills and sublinguals


Most people take their dietary supplements orally in the form of tablets, capsules, sublinguals.

Is there a better way to take in nutrional supplements to improve your health? YES THERE IS. Medical health professionals backed up by controlled clinical studies support the fact that Transdermal Patches are a SUPERIOR delivery method for taking dietary supplements.

Transdermal means "through the skin", or dermus, delivering nutritional supplementation directly into bloodstream using transdermal time-release formula patches that are specially coated with various nutritional supplement formulas using a proprietary process.

What happens when you swallow your supplements


The dietary supplements travel to your stomach, where they are immediately introduced to a powerful mix of digestive acids. Depending on what other foods you've eaten, the supplements in you stomach remain there for up to 4 hours as part of the normal digestive process. During this process the supplements in the stomach continue to be degraded by powerful digestive stomach acids.

After approximately 4 hours, the remaining supplements' nutrient value starts its journey into the small intestinal tract where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered throughout the body. Studies have shown that on the average, less than 10% of the original dietary supplement taken survives the digestive process, dramatically reducing the dosage you originally swallowed.

What happens when you use transdermal patches for delivery Of dietary supplements


You apply a patch on the skin (the inner/out arm and upper forearm and wrist are most common places to wear patches).

The moment a patch is applied, body-heat activates the supplement formula and the nutrients begin to transit through the skin into the small blood vessels called capillaries that are plentiful under the skin. This is direct delivery of nutrients to the bloodstream or what is called Transdermal Delivery because nutients are absorbed directly through pores in the Derma (skin).

Because the nutrient delivery process is done over a period of many hours while a patch is worn, we call this "Time-Release Delivery". Health Flex's various patch formulas all offer a “time-release delivery” that is absolutely optimized for each unique patch. This allows for maximum absorbtion and health benefits. This type of Direct-To-Bloodstream delivery simply can't be achieved with supplements taken orally.


The advantages of patches summarized


Maximum Dosage Absorbtion - Patches allow you to absorb up to 10 times the dosage that comparable orally taken supplements deliver.

Patches release nutritional supplement ingredients directly into the bloodstream, bypassng the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and digestive tract that destroys most of the original nutrient value of supplements taken orally.

Patches deliver their nutritional supplement load directly to the bloodstream the moment a patch is applied to the skin, versus up to 4 hours with supplements taken orally that must pass through the stomach and digestive system.

Incredible convenience – people find there is noting easier than applying a patch before bedtime or in the morning after showering, instead of having to remember to take multiple pills day after day.

Other Comments on the Omega-3 Prostate Cancer Study

What are others in the scientific community saying about the recent Omega-3 Prostate Cancer Study?

Council for Responsible Nutrition: CRN Says New Study on Omega-3 Conclusions are Overblown

NewHope360 Magazine: How a SELECTed Bad Study Became Big News

Vital Choice Seafood Company: Fishy Prostate News: Study Raises Bogus Concerns and is Contradicted by Prior Research




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