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Tom Hiatt
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The short answer is yes! High Blood pressure is found in 92% of overweight people.

Hypertension and being overweight are diagnosed in 90% of Diabetes type 2 patients. The medical profession sees high blood pressure as a warning shot across the bow. Your blood pressure is a measure of the systolic pressure ( when the heart contracts to push blood out) in relationship to the

diastolic pressure ( heart is at rest and the upper chambers are filling with blood)/ It is accepted that 120/70 is a good BP.

The factors involved in HTN are varied but I am going to discuss how exercise and diet effect your BP system. The human body has an amazing

system of balance (Homeostasis ).When life style factors influence that balance the body will compensate.These factors are smoking( constricting blood vessels)excessive salt ( makes you thirsty so you take in too much fluid) too much alcohol , stress, lack of exercise, high glycemic diet , obesity, low intake of vitamin B-6, B-12, and folate, and not enough fun.( Tennis is Fun!)

Exercise will start a cascading effect of positive reactions that improve your BP.Excercise initiates the heart to secrete Natriuetic Hormone-NH which works to lower BP by inhibiting secretion of Renin from the kidney and increasing the excretion of sodium and water .It also inhibits the excretion of AH -anti-diuretic hormone from the pituitary gland. AH is a vasopressin that causes the kidney to reduce urine production thus more fluid in the body and an increases in pressure. Think of your circulatory system as a fragile

hose with a small opening, if you continue to close the faucet or shrink the diameter of the hose there is great danger of the hose rupturing or getting a bubble(embolism).Pharmacueticals are often given to inhibit one or more factors to bring a pseudo balance, however most pills have side effects.

I am going to list some foods and dietary aids that can help you get off of ACE inhibitors

Beets/beet juice

Garlic specifically the nutrient Allicin.It can be found in supplements without the odor.Allicin can reduce the risk of HTN by 50% according to Dr.Sarah Brewer*.Allicin is a vasodialator and reduces agglutination or thick blood .

So by enlarging your blood vessels pressure is relieved, it also improves elasticity which is lost during the aging process.

Hawthorne reduces BP by relaxing peripheral vessels and acting as an ACE inhibitor

Billberry contains purple antioxidant pigmentation called Anthocyandin

it also works as an ACE inhibitor and helps elasticity.

Valerin contains natural sedatives and reduces stress.Tea with valerin,lime blossom is high in valeric acid.

Coconut water has fats that are of the median chain fatty acids 4-6 and is not stored as fat but used as fuel for the liver and will increase energy.Studies have shown taken on a regular basis systolic BP was reduced by 71% and diastolic by 29% .( Try Pure Silk)

Reshi Mushrooms reduce clotting .

for more information about a healthy diet visit http://www.drfurhman.com/go/thiattunc

Read his book Eat To Live and Eat For Health.


* Natural Health Guru by Dr. Sarah Brewer




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