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Organic Fusion Berry Bites -8 0z


Nutrition Facts Product Weight 3.54 servings per container Serving size: 2 bites Amount Per Serving Calories 391 Fusion Bars contain more quality nutrition than most American meals. Free of grains and fillers, each bar is full of more healthy enzymes than virtually any meal in the frozen food section. Made from oaganic, whole fruits and vegetables and organic grass-fed whey protein, it?s clear why each bar is a superior, potent whole food. Fusion bars: 10 grams of the highest quality grass-fed whey protein Fiber to support digestive-health High in antioxidants No sugar added A Healthy coffee-companion A Great Post exercise meal A Complete meal-on-the-go! All Natural, No Preservatives Nutrient-rich snack Laboratory tested for quality Ultimate Banana Fusion Bar Ingredients: Organic Banana Slices Organic Banana Powder Organic Cashews Organic Black Chia Seeds Organic Sun Dried White Mulberries Organic Whey Protein Concentrate Organic Acacia Fiber (Gum Arabic) Powder Organic Coconut Water Powder Organic Lucuma Powder Organic Apple Powder Organic Lemon Juice Powder Organic Coconut Organic Bourbon Vanilla Flavor Powder Organic Beet Root Powder Organic Cinnamon Powder (Cassia) Organic Maca Root Powder Organic Spirulina Powder Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder Organic Amla (Amalaki) Powder Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Organic Mangosteen Powder Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder Organic Green Tea Extract Powder Organic Acai Powder Your Nutrition is Our Highest Priority ** Daily Value not established.

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