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Organic Immune Booster with A,C,E,DHA,EPA & Colostrum


3 mth supply Organic Vitamin Patch Vitamin A,C,E with DHA and EPA Omega 3s.    

90% higher efficay than pills.

Dr. Health Flex uses Spinach,Carrots,Blueberries,Papaya,Black berries, Apricots, Sea vegetables and more to deliver wholesome plant derived Vitamins A, C, E and the super immune booster colostrum for your Optimal Health! Colostrum has been clinically proven to build immunization builders on a genetic level and fight influenza. 

Use Dr.Health Flex's Immune Booster Patches to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally, & Help Your Body Defend Against Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites & Other Harmful Invaders 

Did you realize that statistics show the average person will suffer an average of 233 colds during a typical lifetime? With all of the foreign substances lurking on every surface such as bacteria, germs, viruses and parasites, its more crucial than ever to ensure the immune system is as strong as possible. This is the body's defence system and it can be weakened by illnesses. Together with a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity, Dr. Health Flex's Immune Booster Patches can help your body natually boost its immune system and give you the best chance possible to fight off bugs and ailments with plant bioavailable sources. No synthetic versions here!  

When your immune system is working properly and is optimal, you can go year round without getting sick with common ailments like cold's and flu. You probably know people who seem to never get sick; those are the people with strong immune systems. Flex has not been sick since 1989.


Our immune booster patches help to build up your body's defenses anytime during the year, or before cold, flu, allergy, and bad weather seasons arrive. Alternatively, you can use Dr. Health Flex Patches prior to/or just after getting into germ filled environments like airplanes, hospitals, schools, and elevators. Not only is the natural immune-strengthening formula in the patch able to build greater immunity in the body organic, but the formula also offers systemic defense and protection from the antiviral and microbial invaders.  Wouldn't it be great to go about your daily business year round without getting sick? You can! Unlike multivitamins that are taken orally and are made in a lab these plant derived Vitamins deliver essential nutirents that most people do not get in their diets.. 

Each order of Immune Booster Patches comes with 5 patch sheets, a total of 30 individual patches. This is a 3 month supply when used as suggested.  

Suggested Use: 

As an external dietary supplement. Peel one patch from backing, and place patch upon clean, dry skin (back, arm or thigh are most common) for 24 hours, once every 3 days. Then remove patch from skin and discard. Do not re-use patches. The patch can be used for as long as needed to help you successfully achieve your health goals as a normal part of your health maintenance program. It is best practice to first consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or take prescription medications. Suitable for children aged 12 and up. This product is latex and gluten free. Store patches in their zip lock bag at room temperature away from excessive heat and moisture, and out of the reach of children.


How Our Immunity Booster Patches Are Better Than Pills

No swallowing a handful of pills each day

Organic food sourced ingredients from fruits and vegetables. 

Most immune boosting pills contain synthetically manufactured and cheap ingredients that pass right through the body with very little absorbtion. However our patches use only premium medical grade ingredients, and studies have shown that delivering a dose of nutrients or medication using transdermal patches rather than with pills that are swallowed resulted in a greater than 95% absorption rate of the patches' nutrient formula directly into the bloodstream. And the study also found that with pills, patients absorbed as little as 5% of the pills' stated nutrient dose. So the choice is clear: patches are far superior than pills for dietary supplementation. 


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